Himalayan Salt and The ‘Fallacy Fallacy’

If there is one logical fallacy that is massively over-relied on by those purporting to represent the ‘scientific community’ it is ‘the fallacy fallacy’. This logical fallacy is the one that argues that because something is poorly argued then it must actually be a fallacy. You may have noticed when looking at Himalayan Salt lamps…

An Interview With Elad Goldsteen Board Game Designer

Meet the Designer: Elad Goldsteen Introduction

 Can you please introduce yourself?

 My name is Elad Goldsteen, I am the lead game designer and publisher at Golden Egg Games. Where are you from?

 I live with my family in Israel. What do you do for a living?

 Game design and publishing at Golden Egg Games, LLC….

The Human Condition and Playing Games

The playing of games is pretty fundamental to the human condition, whichever way you look at it. Children naturally and spontaneously design games when they are left to their own devices. It is fascinating how they develop quite complex rule-systems for a given game, which generally take in all aspects of their playing environment. These…

The Benefits of Playing Games

Teatro Remigio is all about playing games by the firelight. Or in our case, the salt light as we are hanging and chillin’ in the Himalayas – home of the Himalayan salt lamp. It’s a beautiful thing, hanging out with your buddies and playing. There really aren’t many activities in this life that beat that….